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Xbox Kinect 3D scanning, Meshmixer and 3D printing

My girlfriend was pregnant and I wanted to 3D scan her big belly before it was too late. My idea was to go beyond a typical photo and make a small sculpture of her to remember this special time in life. It’s been a quick learning curve, but the results so far are amazing! I’m using an Xbox Kinect to scan objects and people, edit the 3D models in Meshmixer and 3D print them.

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Arduino Pinball – targets

This project is part of my Arduino Pinball adventure where I’m learning Arduino programming while having fun building parts for a pinball game. The pinball targets in this projects is what you would call “drop targets” in traditional pinball games. The ball knocks out targets one by one to get score and eventually a bonus when all targets are down. Continue reading Arduino Pinball – targets