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DIY Pinball Flipper Concept

Flippers are used to propel the pinball and are considered as an important item in the game ūüėČ . In the Asteroid X DIY pinball build I want to use a simple solution for this and I have found a car lock actuator that I want to test.¬† Continue reading DIY Pinball Flipper Concept


DIY Pinball Playfield Items

For the Asteroid X pinball game I will design all the playfield parts myself and make the pieces game specific. There will be plastic crystal parts which will act as both covers and decorations, but I will also design specific standard parts like flippers, posts and covers etc. Continue reading DIY Pinball Playfield Items

Arduino Pinball – targets

This project is part of my¬†Arduino Pinball adventure where I’m learning Arduino programming while having fun building parts for a pinball game. The pinball targets in this projects is what you would call “drop targets” in traditional¬†pinball games. The ball knocks out targets one by one to get score and eventually a bonus when all targets are down. Continue reading Arduino Pinball – targets