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CR-10 Silent: New fans, vibration dampers and design upgrades

I recently bought a Creality CR-10-S4 3D printer and one of my first priorities was to make the machine silent so I could work in the same room as the printer. This work included installation of vibration dampers on the stepper motors, changing stock fans and redesigning certain components on the CR-10.   Continue reading CR-10 Silent: New fans, vibration dampers and design upgrades


DIY Pinball Playfield Items

For the Asteroid X pinball game I will design all the playfield parts myself and make the pieces game specific. There will be plastic crystal parts which will act as both covers and decorations, but I will also design specific standard parts like flippers, posts and covers etc. Continue reading DIY Pinball Playfield Items

Arduino Pinball – targets

This project is part of my Arduino Pinball adventure where I’m learning Arduino programming while having fun building parts for a pinball game. The pinball targets in this projects is what you would call “drop targets” in traditional pinball games. The ball knocks out targets one by one to get score and eventually a bonus when all targets are down. Continue reading Arduino Pinball – targets