DIY Pinball Playfield Items

For the Asteroid X pinball game I will design all the playfield parts myself and make the pieces game specific. There will be plastic crystal parts which will act as both covers and decorations, but I will also design specific standard parts like flippers, posts and covers etc.

I have decided not to DIY absolutely everything and I have just ordered a pack of pinball rubbers. Since I don’t know what sizes I will need I ordered a general pack of rubbers on Ebay from a seller called Fugarolas located in Spain. Shipping to Norway was cost efficient and quick.


The bag included plunger tips and flipper rubbers as well as post rubber and other cool stuff. In the same shop I also found orange silicone flipper rubbers which will be great in the Asteroid X design theme I have in mind.


On the playfield there will be several lanes where the ball will follow a certain path while touching the sides of the walls. The typical top arch is one example, and the plunger lane is another. The limited print area in most 3D printers nowadays can’t print these complete long lanes and I have been worried about how many smaller pieces may cause small edges interrupting the ball path.


In another Ebay shop in China I found a type of flexible trim used in car styling which could be ordered in various colors, including orange.


After measuring the profile of the trimming I printed a few lane parts and the fit was absolutely excellent and it also look very nice! The trim connects easily between the curved walls and there is no edge what so ever for the ball to bump into.


As the design progress I may also order light blue color trimming if it looks better in the “crystal mining areas” of the pinball playfield.


Now holding flippers in my hands and seeing these playfield items, this is a real inspiration to continue with this build.


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