Disassembly for parts: Sharp AR-M201 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier

I found a all-in-one printer in a container and I figured it would be interesting to take it apart to see the inner workings and maybe find some interesting electronic parts I could use for other projects. And wow there was a lot inside!

sharp-ar208dThere are more reasons to take apart products than just scavenging electronic parts. Seeing how products are designed, manufactured and functioning on the inside can be very interesting. This all-inn-one machine had so much stuff going on inside that it took me a long time to disassemble it, as I wanted to understand what functions the different components had. Seeing how different motors drive gears to drive rollers to move paper, how mechanical switches and sensors detect paper positions and optical sensors and mirrors scan paper is fascinating in itself.


I unscrewed all the bolts I could find and took it apart piece by piece. I wanted to recover as many usable parts as possible, including mechanical components like shafts, gears, rollers, timing belts and more. I through away all plastic covers and metal structures that was specifically designed for the printer.

I sorted most of the components while disassembling the machine.


The scanner unit with mirrors and reflectors was too integrated and complicated for me to find any good use of. Some of the electronic components I salvaged:

I’m not sure how I can use these components yet, but I’ll definitely find a project for some of them.


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