3D printing a hose holder for beer brewing

This 3D printed hose holder is a long awaited item for my beer brewing kettle. I use the very simple BIAB (brew in a bag) method for brewing beer and I circulate the mash using a 12V pump and simple garden hose.


I’ve had an issue with the hose not beeing where it should be when it should be and this 3D printed holder makes the whole process a lot simpler. I used to secure the hose with duct tape and weights, but it never held the warm hose for long, and eventually it spilled the mash out.


The hose holder is a two part assembly. The hose fits into the white 3D printed tube which guides and holds the hose securely. The tube fits into the holder which snaps onto the kettle handle neatly.  The .stl files are available at thingiverse.com.


The particular batch I’m brewing here is a Belgian Strong Ale which is supposed to be a clone of “Rochefort 10”. This is my second bacth of this recipe and I’m now tuning some of the ingredients. If you are interested in the recipe or have questions, please comment below.



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