CNC Marble Maze

This is a bamboo marble maze game that can be made very easily on a ShapeOko CNC or other CNC milling machine. I got this idea from somewhere on Youtube that a maze can be milled to fit a marble to make a game or toy. On Ikea I found a cutting board called made out of bamboo called Apititlig. This type of bamboo cutting board is exactly the same type as I used in my Beer Tassting Kit, only this particular one is bigger. Here is a link to Ikea Apititlig, for more information. Of course almost any material can be used to make the maze game, but I think bamboo is an interesting and beautiful material.

I have made a video showing the CNC process in more detail.



makercam settings settings for “follow path” operation. Using a 14mm ball bit.

The type of maze, or maze design, was simple choosen from a search on google images for “maze”. I found a rectangular maze that could fit the cutting board and traced the lines of all the paths. I uploaded the final maze design into and used the “follow path” operation with the settings shown to the left. Usually the process of setting up milling operations in MakerCam can be very tidious, but this time selecting all lines with a single operation worked well.

The  toolpaths in MakerCam can be seen in the background. Universal Gcode Sender is used to send the Gcode tot he ShapeOko CNC


A close up of one of the first paths on the maze. The edges need alittlebit of sanding, but a good result and cuts with nice sized chips

I used a 14mm ball bit and run two runs of 4mm plunge depth to make a 8mm deep maze path. I bought a small bag of 9mm steel balls on ebay and the size is perfect for the 14x8mm maze path. The steel balls have some weight and run well, and the 9mm size ensures that they dont jump out of the maze paths.

Milling finnished. Apititlig cuttingboard about to be removed from the machine.
Sanded the edges and tested the cutting board. I found an error in the upper right corner. I would need to fix the opening with a dremmel so that ball can enter the trap.


A close up of the maze. I have only sanded the upper edges of the maze paths. The paths are smooth enough.
Close up of the maze showing the bamboo material details.

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