74HC595 Shift Registers – Running LEDs

24 LEDs with “running lights” controlled by three buttons using 74HC595 Shift Registers.

I’m still working on publishing the full content of this article, I will update and finnish it soon.

On my way into the arduino controled pinaball adventure I need to find an effective way to control lots of LEDs. I will be using shift registers to control LEDs and this article show how the running light effect can be controlled with buttons in different ways.

Arduino Code will be put here



There are tons of tutorials and information on what a shift register is and what you can do with them, so I won’t go into details on that here.

I want to set up a circuit with some buttons that controls the leds. Thinking this will be used in my future pinball project, the buttons are for example targets and when hit by the pinball certain Leds light up in certain ways.


More information to come.



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